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Reflections on the TCP Macroscopic Model Download


This article is an editorial note submitted to CCR.

The current Internet fairness paradigm mandates that all
protocols have equivalent response to packet loss and other
congestion signals, allowing relatively simple network de-
vices to attain a weak form of fairness by sending uniform
signals to all
ows. Our paper[1], which recently received
the ACM SIGCOMM Test of Time Award, modeled the ref-
erence Additive-Increase-Multiplicative-Decrease algorithm
used by TCP. However, in many parts of the Internet ISPs
are choosing to explicitly control customer trac, because
the traditional paradigm does not suciently enforce fair-
ness in a number of increasingly common situations. This
editorial note takes the position we should embrace this
paradigm shift, which will eventually move the responsibility
for capacity allocation from the end-systems to the network
itself. This paradigm shift might eventually eliminate the
requirement that all protocols be "TCP-Friendly".

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30 Aug 2012
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Submitted On:
30 Aug 2012
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