Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
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Anton Workshop
Thursday, December 06, 2012

This workshop is invitation-only and specifically targets PIs who have been awarded an allocation of computer time on the Anton supercomputer at the NRBSC/PSC.

The Anton workshop at NRBSC will cover all aspects of running MD simulations on Anton, such as preparing and running simulations and analyzing MD trajectories generated on Anton. In addition to lectures, the workshop will provide a hands-on session in the afternoon during which participants can prepare and conduct test-runs of their originally proposed system for the full 512-node Anton machine. Thus, it will be crucial that all participants bring an equilibrated version of their proposed system with them to the workshop, preferably one that has been equilibrated for several nanoseconds. The equilibrated systems need to be in Maestro format which is the input file format used by Anton (this is also the format used by the Desmond MD package).

Location : Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, 300 S. Craig St.
For more information see http://www.nrbsc.org/education/workshops/anton_workshop_2012/