VM Request

To request a VM on Bridges, please complete this form. We will contact you within one business day once we receive your request.

Note that charges are 1 SU for each core-hour. See "Charging" on the right for a fuller explanation.
Note that charges are 1 SU for each core-hour. See "Charging" on the right for a fuller explanation.

Submit a separate request for each unique VM configuration.

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VM Request Instructions

Charging:  Once your VM has been established, it is reserved for your use for the period you request. Note that you will be charged for all the time your VM is reserved, whether you are actively using it or not.

Charges on VMs accrue at the rate of 1 SU per core-hour. For example, requesting a VM with one core for one week will result in charges of 168 SUs; a one core VM reserved for one year will be charged 8760 SUs.  

Likewise, a VM with 2 cores is charged 336 SUs per week and 17,520 SUs per year.

Software:  Supply a list of software to be installed. 

Cores:  Choose from 1 to 28 cores. There are 4GB of memory associated with each core. See "Charging" above for how charges are calculated.

How long: Request the amount of time you need in days. Enter "0" if you want the VM to persist for the lifetime of your project. See "Charging" above for how SUs are calculated.

Network ports: Let us know if your VM requires an open network port, e.g, if it is a web server.

Specific requests: Be sure to describe any special requests, for example, a specific Apache configuration.  

Number of instances: You may ask for 2 VM instances with identical configuration. If you want more than 2 or you need VMs with different configurations, please submit separate requests.  

Questions:  Contact bridges@psc.edu with any questions.