Inner Space

Anton Simulations Uncover Importance of Empty Space for Protein Function

Experiments can detect chemical changes on a scale as short as about a thousandth of a second. Most supercomputers can only simulate complex biomolecules for as long as a few millionths of a second. Scientists at the University of California, San Diego used the D.E. Shaw Research Anton supercomputer at PSC to understand what happens in that thousand-fold gap, between the snippets we understand from computer simulations to the longer responses we see when a protein, say, encounters a drug.

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Blue Acres

PSC, XSEDE Support Gene Assembly of Key Aquaculture Species

Commercial abalone “aquaculture”—farming the shellfish in enclosures—has exploded over the past decade, becoming a $100-million global industry. Understanding the DNA of the abalone is key to improving and expanding its aquaculture for California producers. That’s why scientists at Iowa State University and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration worked with PSC experts to “assemble” the DNA sequences of several species of abalone on the Bridges supercomputer.

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The Data Exacell (DXC) is a research pilot project to create, deploy, and test software and hardware building blocks to enable data analytics in scientific research.

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