This is the 14th through 19th release of the HPN Version 12 patch set for OpenSSH 4.4p1 through 4.7p1. This patchset has been superseded by the HPN13 patch set. We recommend that users apply the most recent patch set available. We no longer provide patches or support for version of OpenSSH 4.3p2 and below. If you need access to one of these obsolete patches please contact us directly.

Users of older versions of this patch will find that HPN12 is a significant change in terms of functionality and structure. The ‘none’ cipher patch has been integrated and as such there will no longer be a separate ‘none’ patch. The none cipher is not enabled by default and is now a run time or configuration option. The command line structure has been changed to conform more closely to the OpenSSH standard -o’Config Option’ format. Its a little longer but it makes more sense to do it this way. There are also changes which allow the user to fine tune the buffer sizes in various situations, enable or disable system buffer polling, and disabled HPN functionality entirely. All of the new configuration changes have been detailed in the included HPN12-README file. I suggest that you do read this file. This patch is currently only available for OpenSSH 4.4p1 and higher. From now on all version strings will include the version and subversion number of the patch. You can determine your version by typing ssh -V.

The latest version of the patch is for OpenSSH 4.7p1. It has been well tested and we’ve found no problem as of this time with the new features of OpenSSH. This patch adds no new significant functionality but does reduce the size of the patch by removing unnecessary accumulated code, transparently changes the behavior of the none cipher switching, and now enables TCP Receive Buffer Polling as default. Users with non-autotuning buffers should disable this option.

The previous version of the patch for 4.7 (HPN12 v19) has been removed due to a minor bug which could lead to buffer_append_space errors. It also fixes a typo in the -oHPNBufferSize option which produced unexpected values.

If you encounter any problems please contact us at hpn-ssh@psc.edu.





Note: This patch has been gzipped. You must gunzip it before applying it.