Managing your Accounts

On this page, you will find information to help you manage your allocation of computing time. 

Responsibilities of Principal Investigators

In addition to following the policies laid out for all PSC users, PIs are responsible for adding all members of the research team to an account, and for renewing accounts when necessary.

Adding users to an account

Each member of your research team should be provided with their own individual account. Such accounts charge against the PI’s research grant. The PI’s billing statements will show the usage and charges incurred by each account under the grant, providing additional administrative control. With each research team member documented, papers published under the name of any member of the team will be readily attributable to the PI’s research project and PSC allocation.

Additional user accounts must be authorized by the PI. To add a user, the PI must complete an online form.

If you are renewing an allocation, keep in mind that all active users are automatically reactivated when the allocation is renewed.

Applicable forms

  • Information and the form to add users to an NSF Cyberinfrastructure allocation is online from the XSEDE web site.

Renewing your allocation

All allocations except Coursework Allocations are for a one-year period and are renewable annually.   The duration of a Coursework Allocation is specified when the allocation is awarded.

Service Units unused at the allocation expiration or renewal date are forfeited.

All active users are reauthorized when an allocation is renewed.

PSC requests that a copy of any publications (preprints or reprints) resulting from reseach done on PSC systems be sent to the PSC Allocation Coordinator. All publications resulting from work done on a PSC allocation should include an acknowledgement.

Renewing an NSF Cyberinfrastructure Allocation

Visit the XSEDE web site to renew an NSF allocation.

Renewing a Coursework Allocation

To renew a Coursework Allocation, send email to the PSC Allocations Coordinator which includes the same information needed to apply for a new Coursework allocation. Be sure to justify any significant increase in the service units requested.

Responsibilities of all PSC Users

Usage Charges

Information about charging algorithms and tracking the charges on an allocation are given in the documentation for each PSC computing resource. See the PSC machine specific pages for details.

When appropriate, PSC provides refunds for jobs that failed due to circumstances beyond your control.

To request a refund, contact a PSC consultant or email In the case of batch jobs, we require the standard error and output files produced by the job. These contain information needed in order to refund the job.

Users are responsible for knowing and following PSC policies on passwords and on computer abuse.

Acknowledgement in publications

All publications resulting from a PSC allocation should include an acknowledgement.

In addition, PSC requests that a copy of any publications, preprints, or reprints resulting from research done on PSC systems be sent to the Allocations Department.

Following PSC policies

All users are responsible for knowing and adhering to PSC policies, especially those on passwords and abuse of computing resources.

Users must also be aware of and follow other PSC policies, including allocations policies and those on security and file retention after a grant expires.

See the PSC policy page.

PSC Allocation Policies

General policy information is given here. If you have questions, please contact the PSC Allocations Coordinator.

  • Allocations are awarded for a one-year period and are renewable annually.
  • The PI must authorize all users that should be given access to the allocation. See the additional user policy.
  • Service units unused at the allocation expiration or renewal date are forfeited.
  • All currently active users are renewed when an allocation is renewed.
  • Copies of any preprints or reprints of publications from allocation-related work should be forwarded to the Allocations Coordinator.
  • Please verify that support from PSC and/or other supporting agencies is acknowledged as required under the terms of your allocation.