GPU Applications

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Project Title: Development of Scientific Applications for Using GPGPUs



Yang Wang, PSC Senior Computational Scientist
Roberto Gomez, PSC Senior Computational Scientist



General purpose graphical processing units (GPGPUs) are a many-core design for parallel applications. Because of its excellent floating point performance, a GPGPU is commonly used as an acceleration hardware unit proximate to CPU for speeding up the computational tasks. In this project, the student will be working on programming some parts of a scientific application code in KOKKOS or CUDA so that they will execute on GPGPUs. The targeted system is the GPU nodes of PSC bridges


Required Background

Linux, Coding experience in C/C++


Recommended Background

Numerical analysis





Learning Focus

Learning to use KOKKOS and/or CUDA to program code for running on GPGPUs.


Desired Results

Students gain practical experience in numerical analysis and in using GPGPUs for scientific applications.


Desired Major

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematical Science, Computer Science



The student will receive a stipend or course credit for this work.


Please submit your resume and cover letter to Vivian Benton,