Data Analytics Software Developer-2008019

Data Analytics Software Developer2008019

The Mellon College of Science (MCS) is home to four departments and many programs and research centers that cross disciplines. We approach scientific problems from fresh angles using creative interdisciplinary approaches while drawing on our departmental strengths in the core sciences.

Our Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC) within MCS is seeking an expert Data Analytics Software Developer to join our PSC’s Public Health Applications group. The group empowers public health decision-making to mitigate a wide range of global public health threats including influenza, malaria, obesity, and antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The diverse team includes scientists, modelers, software developers, and high-performance computing (HPC) specialists. They partner with other science and technology groups, particularly Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data, Advanced Systems, and User Support for Scientific Applications.

In this role, you will contribute to public health modeling, translate modeling tools to new and broader audiences for national and international public health decision support. You will work together to develop data-intensive analyses and visualizations, couple sophisticated software tools with accessible user-focused services and interfaces, and develop large-scale simulation software for cutting-edge computational hardware. You will also contribute through a matrix-managed approach to PSC’s AI and Big Data group, focusing on developing AI approaches to real-world problems. You

will also publish, present, and lead or help attract future funding.

In this position you will:

  • Work closely with collaborators at PSC and other institutions to facilitate advances in computational modeling
  • Prepare documentation, examples, and training materials, and contribute to workshops, briefings, and broad efforts in education, outreach, and training
  • Develope research opportunities and attract external funding. Lead or assist with developing proposals to national agencies, foundations, and other departments
  • Document results, communicate significant findings through publications, conferences, or other professional channels
  • Support the development of computationally demanding and data-intensive modeling, analysis, and visualization workflows
  • Develope test suites and standard methodologies, conduct performance analyses, interpret results, and assist with the design, specification, and optimization of relevant systems and software
  • Some travel may be required, as well as the flexibility to work effectively with external collaborators in different time zones

You will demonstrate:

  • Proven ability to plan and execute individual and collective research and experience acting as a team leader or technical project manage
  • Experience working in Linux (HPC) cluster environment (PBS Torque or Slurm), developing scalable web applications and services using frameworks (e.g. Django, Flask, Bottle)
  • Clear understanding of workflow development for complex, data-intensive application, computational workflows, cluster computing and large-scale data analysis
  • Strong understanding of computer hardware and its performance implications
  • Experience developing shared-memory and distributed-memory parallel code

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