Corporate Affiliates program

Corporate Affiliates Program

PSC’s high-performance computing facilities, technical expertise and corporate training program enable companies to solve difficult problems and gain competitive advantages. Through this program the same computing power used to conduct award-winning scientific research helps businesses solve their most challenging information-processing problems. For over three decades PSC has been among the world’s leading centers in developing and deploying the latest high-performance computing technology.

The program provides flexible support options that combine training, consulting and access to advanced computational resources to meet the specific requirements of each affiliate. We work with organizations of all sizes to create programs appropriate to their goals and budget.

Intellectual Property Rights

PSC does not generally assert ownership rights to Intellectual Property (IP) that may be created under the agreement, provided PSC only makes available computer time and standard user support. In such cases, all IP would be solely owned by the company who created it. However, if PSC personnel contribute to the creation of IP by (for example) making improvements to algorithms, designing new software, etc. then Carnegie Mellon University IP policies could come into play. In such cases, any IP that is created jointly between a company and PSC would be jointly owned by both parties.

Corporate Success Stories

PSC’s experience with wide range parallel applications helps regional businesses maximize application performance. View the Council on Competitiveness Case Studies featuring PSC’s application development & parallelization


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