Compass provides members with early access to emerging computing hardware and software frameworks with deep human expertise.

Pilot your approach through unique access to disruptive hardware and software technologies for deep learning training, inferencing, and edge computing, backed by human expertise at the PSC and collaboration with thought leaders at Carnegie Mellon and Pitt. 

Make informed decisions

Data has no value unless it leads to actionable insights.  Artificial intelligence, particularly deep learning, can unlock the value of data, but there can be significant and often unexpected challenges to getting started. Membership in Compass can help you overcome those challenges.

Evaluate emerging technologies

Early access to hardware  There is a wide and expanding range of GPUs and purpose-built accelerators for deep learning training, inferencing and data management. No cloud offers a broad spectrum of AI hardware and what clouds do offer takes 6 months or more to appear. Compass will provide early access to a broad range of accelerators.

Integrated software plaforms  Deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, Caffe, and PyTorch are evolving rapidly, ad optimized implementations must be matched to accelerators.


Partner with experts

Suceeding with deep learning methods requires expertise and careful data preparation. Work with human experts to develop and optimize approaches, obtain training, and partner on advanced topics.



Consortium Membership Levels

  Basic Full Premium
Access advanced hardware and software technologies      
Attend in-person, hands-on training and access asynchronous modules      
Obtain guidance from AI experts to implement your approach      
Enlist AI experts to develop insights from your data