PSC Public Key Infrastructure Certificate Authorities

PSC operates the Certificate Authorities (CAs) listed below in support of XSEDE and PSC constituent systems, services, and users.

Contact Information:

For Urgent Security Issues: For urgent security issues, you can contact either PSC or XSEDE for help.
Contact PSC by calling the Hotline at 800-221-1641 or e-mailing

Contact XSEDE by calling the Help Desk at 866-907-2383 or e-mailing

For general inquiries regarding PSC CA operations and certificates
For all other PSC inquiries
Please send e-mail to


XSEDE serves as the Registration Authority for the PSC MyProxy CA. To obtain user certificates from the PSC MyProxy CA, you must use MyProxy client software together with your XSEDE username and password. For more information, please see the Getting Started Guide on the XSEDE website.

PSC Certificate Authorities

PSC Root Certificate Authority (CA) certificate 9b88e95b.0
PSC Root CA signing policy 9b88e95b.signing_policy
PSC Root CA certificate revocation list (CRL) URL 9b88e95b.crl_url
PSC Root CA CRL (DER) 9b88e95b.crl
PSC Root CA CRL (PEM) 9b88e95b.r0
PSC Root CA gx-map CA description 9b88e95b.psc-root.cadesc

PSC Hosts CA acc06fda.0
PSC Hosts CA signing policy acc06fda.signing_policy
PSC Hosts CA CRL URL acc06fda.crl_url
PSC Hosts CA CRL (DER) acc06fda.crl
PSC Hosts CA CRL (PEM) acc06fda.r0
PSC Hosts CA gx-map CA description acc06fda.psc-host.cadesc

PSC MyProxy CA 4b2783ac.0
PSC MyProxy CA signing policy 4b2783ac.signing_policy
PSC MyProxy CA CRL URL 4b2783ac.crl_url
PSC MyProxy CA CRL (DER) 4b2783ac.crl
PSC MyProxy CA CRL (PEM) 4b2783ac.r0
PSC MyProxy CA Certificate Policy / Certification Practice Statement (CP/CPS) 4b2783ac.cps.pdf
PSC MyProxy CA example user certificate 4b2783ac.example_cert.txt
PSC MyProxy CA gx-map CA description 4b2783ac.psc-myproxy.cadesc
PSC MyProxy CA IGTF Information
PSC MyProxy CA IGTF Namespaces 4b2783ac.namespaces

All PSC CA certificates, signing policies and CRL URLs _above_ (tar) PSC-CA.tar
All PSC CA certificates, signing policies and CRL URLs _above_ (zip)

PSC Web Services CA 45086046.0
PSC Web Services CA signing policy 45086046.signing_policy
PSC Web Services CA CRL URL 45086046.crl_url
PSC Web Services CA CRL (DER) 45086046.crl
PSC Web Services CA CRL (PEM) 45086046.r0
PSC Web Services CA gx-map CA description 45086046.psc-websvc.cadesc

Carnegie Mellon University CA