Data Collections

A community dataset space allows Bridges users from different grants to share data in a common space.  Bridges hosts both public and private datasets, providing rapid access for individuals, collaborations and communities with appropriate protections.

Data collections are stored on pylon5, Bridges' persistent file system.  The space they use counts toward the Bridges storage allocation for the grant hosting them.

If you would like to host a data collection on Bridges, let us know what you need by completing the Community Dataset Request form. If your data collection has security or compliance requirements, please contact

Request a Community Dataset


Publicly available datasets

Some data collections are available to anyone with a Bridges' account.  They include:



ImageNet is an image dataset organized according to WordNet hierarchy.  See the ImageNet website for complete information.

Available on Bridges at /pylon5/datasets/community/imagenet


Natural Languge Tool Kit Data

NLTK comes with many corpora, toy grammars, trained models, etc. A complete list of the available data is posted at:

Available on Bridges at /pylon5/datasets/community/nltk



Dataset of handwritten digits used to train image processing systems.  

Available on Bridges at /pylon5/datasets/community/mnist


Genomics Data

Several genomics datasets are publicly available. 

The BLAST databases can be accessed through the environment variable $BLASTDB after loading the BLAST module.
CAMI (Critical Assessment of Metagenome Interpretation) is a community-led initiative designed to help tackle challenges in metagenome assembly and analysis by aiming for an independent, comprehensive and bias-free evaluation of methods. Data from the first CAMI challenge is available at /pylon5/datasets/community/genomics/cami.
Repbase is the most commonly used database of repetitive DNA elements. You must register with RepBase at and send proof of registration to in order to use the Repbase database.
The University of California at Santa Cruz reference genomes are available at /pylon5/datasets/community/genomics/UCSC.  The collection includes human, mouse and drosophila genomes.
Other genomics datasets
Other available datasets are typically used with a particular genomics package.  These include: 
Barrnap /pylon5/datasets/community/genomics/barrnap 
CheckM /pylon5/datasets/community/genomics/checkm
Dammit uniref90 
Homer /pylon5/datasets/community/genomics/homer
Kraken /pylon5/datasets/community/genomics/kraken
Long Ranger /pylon5/datasets/community/genomics/longranger
MetaPhlAn2 /pylon5/datasets/community/genomics/metaphlan2
Phylosift /pylon5/datasets/community/genomics/phylosift
Prokka /pylon5/datasets/community/genomics/prokka