Bridges Introduction Workshop

XSEDE HPC Workshop: Introduction to Bridges 

March 31, 2016

XSEDE, along with the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center is pleased to announce the first workshop featuring one of XSEDE’s newest HPC resources, Bridges, on March 31, 2016.  This workshop is intended to introduce participants to the power of Bridges and how users can take advantage of Bridges’ capabilities to meet the challenges of their research.

This hands-on workshop will explain the allocations process and demonstrate Bridges’ unique resources: extremely large shared memory (up to 12TB per node); virtual machines; GPU computing; Spark and Hadoop environments; interactivity; in-memory databases; rich data collections; and graph analytics capabilities.



Due to demand, this workshop will be telecast to several satellite sites.  You may attend at any of the following sites:

  • Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
  • Florida State University
  • Indiana University Pervasive Technology Institute (IUB)
  • Indiana University Pervasive Technology Institute (IUPUI)
  • National Center for Supercomputing Applications
  • NICS/University of Tennessee – Knoxville
  • San Diego Supercomputer Center
  • Stony Brook University
  • Temple University
  • Texas Advanced Computing Center
  • University of Delaware
  • University of Houston Clear – Lake
  • University of Notre Dame
  • University of Utah
  • West Virginia University



Please register for the site that you wish to attend at



Please address any questions to Tom Maiden at 



Thursday, March 31
All times given are Eastern

11:00 Welcome
11:15 Overview
12:15 Virtual Machines & Dockers

Programming and Debugging Environment

12:45 Matlab
1:00 Lunch
2:00 Intel Tools
3:00 GPUs and Large Memory Nodes
3:15 Hadoop and Spark
3:30 Machine Learning
3:45 Break
4:00 Applying for Bridges

Final Notes and Adjourn


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