Compass is a center for research requiring high-performance artificial intelligence (AI) for developing insights from data. It brings together industry, academia, and technology to enable innovative problem-solving and fact-based strategic planning.

Artificial intelligence has immense potential spanning basic and translational research. Research initiatives, conferences, investment, and commercially successful products based on AI abound and are expanding rapidly, yet the methods, performance, and understanding of AI are actually in their infancy. Despite impressive progress, greater challenges lie ahead. Researchers face vexing issues such as how to improve performance, generalizability, transferability, reliability, comprehensibility, and how better to train AI models with only limited data. Future progress depends on advances in hardware accelerators, software frameworks, and creating cross-cutting expertise between scientific and AI domains.

Access to forward-looking ideas and technologies is critical to developing AI approaches that are relevant both today and for the future. Through membership in Compass, start-ups, research groups, and established companies pilot ideas and engage in projects accessing disruptive hardware and software technologies, collaborating with and supported by experts at PSC and AI pioneers at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh.