About Bridges


Bridges is a uniquely capable supercomputer designed to empower new research communities, bring desktop convenience to supercomputing, expand campus access and help researchers needing to tackle vast data to work more intuitively. Bridges consists of three tiered, memory-intensive resources to serve a wide variety of scientists, including those new to supercomputing and without specialized programming skills.

Funded by a $9.65-million NSF grant, Bridges offers new computational capabilities to researchers working in diverse, data-intensive fields such as genomics, the social sciences and the humanities. The system was architected by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and features advanced technology from Intel® and NVIDIA®, including the first-ever installation of Intel® Omni-Path Architecture. 


Bridges maintenance announced

  Bridges and all associated VMs and file systems will undergo scheduled maintenance from 8:00AM Eastern Time on Wednesday, October 23, 2019 through 5:00PM Thursday, October 24.