Big Props to Our Systems Support Team!

Recently our Systems Support Team was honored with the Mellon of College of Science’s Outstanding Achievement award!  The award was presented at last week’s award ceremony held in the historic Mellon Institute here on CMU’s campus.  Here’s the team consisting of Joe Lappa, Steve Cunningham, Shane Filus, Ken Goodwin, Brian Johanson, Adam Fest, Ray Nardozzi, Bryan Webb and Ed Hanna (not in photo e Susan Litzinger, Jason Sommerfield, and Clint Perrone)  along with the other staff award winners:

2012 Mellon College of Science award winners.

You may be wondering what exactly these peeps did to deserve an award?  The simple answer is their jobs.  The more complicated answer:

The members of the systems and operations group worked with networking and business departments to facilitate a massive reorganization of our machine room.   We’ve been around for 25+ years and every once in a while we’ve got to reassess and adjust things to account for our ever changing needs.  The team updated our networking configuration which includes over a mile of new Ethernet cable to create over 400 new connections in our machine room.  They also managed power distribution and air handling improvements to better handle future infrastructure growth.   All of these configuration changes meant that the team also had to tweak the floor plan as well. This required that some of our machines get new homes, in different areas of the machine room. Speaking of new, the team also installed 5 peta-bytes of new storage equipment!

I don’t know about you but my eyes are starting to glaze over just at the logistical challenges involved in such improvements!  So while the earlier simpler answer was they were just doing their jobs, this group of PSC staffers are Supermen/Superwoman in our book.  They ensured that all production systems remained up and functional during this complicated reorganization, all while the rest of us kept doing what we do, uninterrupted.

So thanks for being so awesome at your jobs Joe, Steve, Shane, Ken, Brian, Adam, Ray, Bryan, Ed, Susan, Jason and Clint!

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