Finding the Balance

Why It’s Important

The biggest causes of death in developed countries—heart disease, cancer, chronic organ failure—are complex conditions that develop over decades from many different causes. It’s unlikely these diseases will yield to any single, simple “cure.” Prevention, both against developing these conditions in the first place and stopping them from progressing in people who do have them, seems more realistic.

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Snapping into Place

Anton 2 Simulations Give Clue to Poorly Understood Role of Cellular “Bricks”

Why It’s Important

The protein tubulin is the cell’s Lego brick. When stacked it forms tubular structures called “microtubules.” These structures connect with other cell structures to form the cytoskeleton that gives living cells shape and stiffness. Microtubules also play a role in moving things around the cell, for example, pulling the chromosomes apart when a cell divides so that each daughter cell has a full set of DNA.

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The Data Exacell (DXC) is a research pilot project to create, deploy, and test software and hardware building blocks to enable data analytics in scientific research.

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