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Anton Simulations Reveal How Pain, Epilepsy Drugs Work through Same Target Protein

If you tried to imagine two neurological conditions as different from each other as possible, epilepsy and non-headache pain would be a good choice. Epilepsy develops when nerve cells in the brain start to fire in a too-regular pattern, overwhelming normal brain activity. Pain is a matter of sensation, when damage to tissues or other causes activate pain-sensitive nerves in the skin or other peripheral parts of the body, far from the brain.


Enabling Better Organ Exchange Programs

 Over 123,000 adults and children currently await organ transplants. Unfortunately, only about 30,000 donor organs become available each year. Every day, roughly 20 people die waiting for a “match.”

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Lifeboat Africa

Blacklight Helps Archeologists Study the Origins of Modern Human Behavior

Picture an endangered species. Climate change has forced it into a small refuge. The population has crashed to thousands or fewer. Survival is by no means ensured.

This grim scenario may have happened. To us.

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