Illustration of tele-immersion session. Artist: Andrei State, UNC, Chapel Hill. Close-up of illustration.

Tele-Immersion: Human Interaction at a Distance

Offices equipped with computer vision and graphics systems that approximate the illusion you're in the same physical space as others who may be thousands of miles away - the idea is called tele-immersion. It's a new medium to foster realistic human interaction across geographical distance.

In October 2001, PSC received an award - through the National Science Foundation Information Technology Research program - to collaborate with computer scientists at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and the University of Pennsylvania to develop and test a prototype tele-immersion system. The real-time focus of tele-immersion presents a novel use of large-scale computing systems, such as LeMieux, PSC's terascale system. The PSC networking group is developing mechanisms to minimize delays in data transmission to and from other sites.

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