Congressman Mike DOyle (left) talks with Pennsylvania Secretary McCullough while University of Pittsburgh Chancellor Nordenberg talks in the background.

Impact of the Terascale System

At an August news conference, sponsored by the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance and Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce, state and regional officials discussed the regional implications of PSC's Terascale Computing System. Speakers included Congressmen Bill Coyne and Mike Doyle, Pennsylvania Secretary Sam McCullough, Allegheny County Executive Jim Roddey and University of Pittsburgh Chancellor Mark Nordenberg.

"This grant, of course, gives a tremendous boost to Western Pennsylvania," said Nordenberg in his remarks. "It brings to Pittsburgh the most powerful unclassified computer in the world. Put another way, the best scientific minds in this country, in a broad range of fields, will be looking to Pittsburgh for help in advancing their important work. On a daily basis, then, PSC will be raising Pittsburgh's image in the minds of the U.S. scientific and technical community. This is one important, and very visible step, in ensuring that western Pennsylvania more broadly is home to a very bright high-technology future."