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Users May Apply for Time on PSC's new HP GS1280

First Proposal Deadline for Production Grants is April 7, 2003.

An initial configuration of PSC's new HP GS1280 machine is expected to be available for production use this summer. This initial configuration will have 16 EV7 Alpha processors and 32 GB of shared memory. Eventually the machine will be much larger.

The GS1280 is an SMP. Its EV7 processors have exceptional memory bandwidth — five to ten times greater than comparable products as reported in the STREAM benchmark.

The GS1280 is well-suited for jobs characterized by a need for shared memory and large memory bandwidth. In applying for time on the GS1280, users should emphasize these characteristics in their justification for requesting this new resource.

Named Rachel in honor of Pittsburgh-bred scientist Rachel Carson whose work has strongly influenced modern thinking on the environment, the GS1280 with its high memory performance adds a new capability to the computing power provided though PSC and the National Science Foundation's Extensible Terascale Facility (ETF).

We invite users to submit proposals for time on Rachel. Information on the proposal process is given below. Note that the deadline for proposals for the next meeting of the Alliance Allocations Board is April 7, 2003.

NSF Peer Review Process for Obtaining Time on Rachel

Proposals for medium-size awards of time may be submitted immediately to the Alliance Allocations Board (AAB). For the initial configuration of Rachel, think of a medium-size award as between 1,000 and 25,000 processor hours. As the size of the machine increases, the limits will increase accordingly.

The submission deadline for the next round of AAB review is April 7, 2003. Awards made in this round will be announced by June 30, and they will become effective when the machine enters production mode. Users should see Alliance Allocations for details on submitting proposals to meet the April deadline.

Proposals for very large awards will be handled later. Such proposals go through the National Resource Allocation Committee (NRAC). The San Diego Supercomputer Center will manage the next round of review for NRAC awards. The next NRAC proposal submission deadline is August 1, 2003. For more information see the NPACI HotPage and follow the link to Accounts.

Proposals for expedited development grants, 1,000 or fewer processor hours, should be submitted directly to PSC. Development grants are either precursors to larger requests to the AAB or NRAC or will exploit unique architectural capabilities of the system. For information on submitting proposals to PSC see PSC Grant and Affiliation Information. There is no firm deadline for proposals for development grants, but we encourage users to submit them whenever they are ready.

We also encourage you to think about packaging your request for time on Rachel into a grid request for broader ETF resources. For instance, your computations may need to combine Rachel's exceptional memory capability with data resources maintained at the San Diego Supercomputer Center and then you may want to prepare visualizations of your results on the facilities at the Argonne National Laboratory. Grid requests should be submitted to NRAC.

PSC's Terascale Computing System LeMieux is also available as an ETF resource.

Two GS1280 Systems

Another GS1280 will be available under sponsorship of the National Institutes of Health. This machine is named Jonas in honor of Jonas Salk who developed his life-saving polio vaccine in Pittsburgh. Procedures for obtaining time on Jonas will be announced separately.

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