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XT3 Update: Ten Tflops Up & Running

Photo: Close-up of PSC's Cray XT3

PITTSBURGH, March 15, 2005 — All 22 cabinets of PSC’s Cray XT3 “Red Storm” — containing more than 2,000 AMD Opteron processors and representing nearly 10 teraflops of processing power — have been booted as a single system.

The PSC XT3 is the first installed XT3 system worldwide, a product line which Cray, Inc. announced in October 2004.

In addition to 10 cabinets installed during the last week of 2004, an additional 12 cabinets — more than 1,000 additional processors — were put in place, wired and powered on by February 1 in the PSC machine room (Westinghouse Energy Center, Monroeville, Pa).

A number of scientists are now running research applications on the XT3 in an early “friendly user” mode, helping to identify potential problems and optimize performance. These applications, many of which are running on hundreds of processors to exploit and test the XT3’s scaling capability, include: storm forecasting, earthquake modeling, materials science, structure and dynamics of proteins, fluid dynamics, cosmology, quantum chemistry, quantum chromodynamics, numerical relativity, and scientific visualization.


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