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PITTSBURGH, July 27, 2004 — On August 2, researchers from PSC’s Advanced Networking group will present their latest ideas for improving Internet Performance to the 60th Internet Engineering Task Force. This work describes a better method for Path MTU Discovery, and the Internet-Drafts — by PSC networking researchers Matt Mathis and John Heffner — are already published on the IETF web-site for review by IETF and other interested people.

The Internet-Drafts can be downloaded from the IETF site:

Path MTU Discovery describes a method to automatically assess the best Maximum Transfer Unit (MTU) -- the biggest data packet a connection can efficiently use -- for a given network connection. Network performance can be hindered by using the wrong MTU. The Internet-Drafts are a first step in an effort to establish a standard method for optimizing packet size for any connection.

Research into Path MTU Discovery was made possible through a grant from Cisco System, Inc.

More information on Path MTU Discovery is available here:


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