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SC2004 Poster Deadline Extended to August 2

ACM/IEEE High Performance Networking and Computing Conference
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
November 6-12, 2004
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The SC2004 conference solicits submissions for posters displaying cutting-edge research in high-performance computing and networking. This annual meeting, which highlights innovative developments, brings together scientists, engineers, researchers, educators, programmers, system administrators and managers.

Posters at SC2004 will occupy a prominent viewing location throughout the conference. An evening Posters Reception (sponsored by AMD) will feature the posters and allow conference attendees to discuss the displays with poster presenters. Posters are an excellent way to convey ideas and results not developed fully enough for technical publication. Posters offer a means of presenting timely research in a more casual setting, with the chance for greater in-depth, one-on-one dialogue that can proceed at its own pace.

Topics of interest include:

  • scalable systems
  • high performance networking
  • high performance I/O
  • novel computer architectures
  • distributed collaborations
  • architecture simulation
  • user experiences
  • parallel databases
  • data-and computation-intensive applications
  • large-scale databases and digital libraries
  • fault-tolerant architectures and system SW
  • performance evaluation and modeling
  • distributed computing systems
  • programming environments and tools
  • visualization
  • parallel and distributed algorithms
  • workload characterization
  • optimization studies

The deadline for submissions is July 26, 2004. The Posters Committee will select posters of exceptional technical quality, originality, relevance, and clarity. Abstracts for accepted posters will be included in the SC2004 CD-ROM Conference Proceedings. A prize will be awarded for the "Best Poster"; this award will be announced during the SC2004 Awards Session and will be based on both poster content and presentation. All poster presenters must register for the SC2004 technical program. If your poster submission is accepted for inclusion in the conference you will be sent a set of guidelines/instructions for poster preparation and presentation, to which you must adhere.

To submit a poster:

General Info:


SC2004 Posters Committee:

  • Cherri Pancake, Oregon State University (Chair)
  • Polly Baker, Indiana University
  • David Barkai, Intel
  • Virginia Bedford, Arctic Region Supercomputing Center
  • Hugh Caffey, Sun Microsystems
  • Steve Hammmond, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Adolfy Hoisie, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Marty Itzkowitz, Sun Microsystems
  • Richard Moore, San Diego Supercomputer Cen


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