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Stiles Leads PSC Center for Quantitative Biological Simulation

Joel Stiles

PITTSBURGH, August 11, 2003 — PSC is pleased to announce that Joel Stiles, PSC staff scientist, is now an associate professor in the Mellon College of Science at Carnegie Mellon University. In this role, Stiles will lead a new research group within PSC, the Center for Quantitative Biological Simulation. He will also continue to contribute his expertise to the PSC biomedical initiative, an NIH Research Resource.

Stiles has played a lead role in development of MCell, software that simulates microcellular physiology, and of DReAMM, a large-model visualization and analysis program.

For more information about Stiles' research with MCell:
Where Nerve and Muscle Meet, Projects in Scientific Computing, 2001
An Impulse Deconstructed, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, January 07, 2002

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