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Earth Simulator, the World's Fastest Supercomputer


We regret to announce that this seminar is cancelled and has not been rescheduled as of 2003-06-02.

Earth Simulator
Presented by Dr. Kiyoshi Otsuka
When Friday, June 6, 2003
Where Conference Room (3rd Floor)
Mellon Institute Building
Time 2:00 P.M.

It is estimated that the Earth has been in existence for some 4.6 billion years. With the rapid development of civilization in recent years, however, the activities of human beings have had a dramatic effect on the Earth's environment. The goal of the Earth Simulator is to envision the form the Earth will take in the future and to execute simulations to project that form mail as accurately as possible.

The Earth Simulator, capable of executing a maximum of 40 trillion floating-point calculations in a single second, enables highly accurate predictions of changes in the Earth's environment. It has achieved significant results in predictions of atmospheric and ocean variations. In addition to its contributions to advances in computer science and technology, the Earth Simulator is expected to achieve dramatic results through various research applications in Japan's most advanced and most critical research fields.


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