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Pittsburgh Hosts Internet Meeting

Pittsburgh — Network engineers from around the country will gather in Pittsburgh, November 1-4, for the first meeting jointly sponsored by the National Laboratory for Advanced Network Research (NLANR) and Internet2. The meeting will include seminars on new internet technologies, and it will provide in-depth information on using the very high-performance Backbone Network Service (vBNS), Abilene, and other high-performance networks.

NLANR Engineering Services will host the event at its facilities at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center. Over 150 network engineers from U.S. universities and research centers will attend. Seminars will be broadcast live on the Internet, using multicast over the vBNS and Mbone over the Internet, allowing remote video, audio and whiteboard interaction.

"The meeting focuses on the latest technologies, services and applications for high-performance networking," said Gwendolyn Huntoon, manager of the NLANR Engineering Services team at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center.

On Monday evening, Fore Systems, the Pittsburgh-based producer of switches for high-performance networking, will host a reception at the Warhol Museum. On Wednesday, the Joint Engineering Team, a group representing multiple federal agencies, will meet to discuss interagency networking policies and issues.

Launched in 1995 through an agreement between the National Science Foundation and MCI, vBNS provides a high-bandwidth, relatively congestion-free network to support scientific research. Currently, more than 70 universities and research centers, including Penn State and Carnegie Mellon in Pennsylvania, are connected to vBNS, which will eventually link more than 150 research sites.

Abilene is an advanced high-availability backbone network to support research applications at universities participating in Internet2. High-performance networks such as vBNS and Abilene transmit data at speeds up to 622 million bits per second, more than 10 times faster than the current Internet.

This is the third in a series of NLANR sponsored meetings aimed at highlighting high-performance networking. Schedule, agenda and other information are available at: (http://www.ncne.org/news/workshop/981101/vbnsannouncement11_98.html).

NLANR is an NSF-supported collaboration to provide technical, engineering and traffic analysis support for NSF's High Performance Connections sites and the high-performance network user community. NLANR major activities are performed by three teams: a distributed applications support team (http://dast.nlanr.net) based at the University of Illinois' National Center for Supercomputing Applications; a measurement and analysis team (http://moat.nlanr.net) based at the San Diego Supercomputer Center; and a networking engineering support team (http://ncne.nlanr.net) based at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center.

The Internet2 project is led by over 130 leading U.S. universities, working with industry and government, to enable and facilitate the advanced network applications for higher education. Internet2 participants are developing broadband applications, engineering and network management tools for research and education. For more information on Internet2, a project of the University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development (UCAID), please see (http://www.internet2.edu).

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