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May 9, 1997                                      Michael Schneider
                                                 Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

PSC Secures $2 Million Grant from Pennsylvania

Harrisburg, Pa. -- The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC) has won a $2 million state grant -- a $500,000 increase over fiscal 1996-97. The state's continuing financial commitment was viewed as imperative to maintain the center's operations in Pittsburgh, given the recent decision to phase out NSF funding over the next two years.

"The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, operated by Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Pittsburgh and Westinghouse Electric Corporation, plays a major role in helping Pennsylvania companies compete in a world economy," said Pennsylvania State Senator Albert V. Belan.

"These supercomputers," added State Senator Jay Costa, "are being used for advanced engineering design and modeling to improve product quality and cut product costs. This is a tremendous asset to the Pittsburgh region and all of Pennsylvania, and we're glad the supercomputing center was able to retain its state support."

PSC has offices in Sen. Costa's district and its supercomputers in Sen. Belan's district.

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