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Watching the Brain in Action
Scientists have created a powerful new technology for viewing the brain at work. Using high-speed networks to link an MRI scanner with a supercomputer, they've made it possible to convert scan data almost instantaneously into an animated 3-D image showing what parts of the brain "light up" during mental activity.

Pittsburgh and Stuttgart Inaugurate High-Speed Transatlantic Metacomputing
On June 20, researchers at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center and the University of Stuttgart, Germany, linked supercomputers on both sides of the Atlantic via high-speed research networks.

PSC Wins Computerworld Smithsonian Award
For developing a storm forecasting system that can save billions of dollars and many lives, the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center and the Center for Analysis and Predict ion of Storms won the 1997 Computerworld Smithsonian Award in Science.

Storm Forecasting Wins Discover Award
A storm forecasting system developed by University of Oklahoma researchers using resources at Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center won the 1997 Discover Magazine Award for Technological Innovation in Computer Software.

PSC Secures $2 Million Grant from Pennsylvania
The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC) has won a $2 million state grant -- a $500,000 increase over fiscal 1996-97.

Discover Honors Storm Forecasting Research
Computer software that can reduce property loss by billions of dollars annually and save innumerable lives is a finalist for the 1997 DISCOVER Awards for Technological Innovation.

World's Most Powerful CRAY at Pittsburgh
The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center has added 256 high-performance processors to its existing 256-processor CRAY T3E, and the performance of the resulting 512-processor system exceeds that of any other currently installed Cray.


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