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February 22, 1996                                 Michael Schneider
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Jensen Joins PSC as Associate Director

PITTSBURGH -- The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center is pleased to announce that Gary Jensen has joined the staff as associate director. Well known in the computational research community from years of active participation in the Cray User Group -- president the past four years, Jensen comes to PSC from 15 years at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Colorado.

At NCAR, Jensen was coordinator of special projects. Among other responsibilities, he managed the MECCA project (Model Evaluation Consortium for Climate Assessment), an international collaboration of climate scientists from France, Germany, England, Australia, Japan and America. He worked with CRAY X-MPs, Y-MPs and a T3D, a Connection Machine CM-5, an eight-processor IBM SP/1 and an RS 6000 workstation cluster.

Prior to NCAR, Jensen worked at Rocketdyne in California, for a service bureau, on a parts database management system for Boeing and Douglas airplanes, and he built the off-lab computer center at CalTech's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Jensen will help lead PSC through a challenging year ahead, which includes the recompetition required as part of NSF's restructured supercomputing program, preparation for PSC's role as host of Supercomputing '96 and arrival of the first CRAY T3E.

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