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Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center Puts Live "Jazz at Hill House" On the Information Highway

PITTSBURGH--On July 6th and 7th, Pittsburgh's Hill House Association presents the fifth annual "Jazz at Hill House," a celebration of Pittsburgh's role in the evolution of jazz history, and a showcase for today's hottest jazz artists. As host of the event, Hill House Association underscores its proactive role in neighborhood-based outreach, education, and redevelopment since 1964.

To demonstrate the power and potential of the Hill House Community Access Network (HHCAN), the July 7 performance will be simulcast live over the Internet, making it accessible to Information Highway users worldwide. Employing the MBONE (Multicast Backbone) technology, the broadcast will offer a realtime audio and visual transmission of the concert and be available to Internet users who can accommodate the MBONE technology. In order to offer alternative access to the event for Pittsburghers, Pittsburgh Community Television Corporation will simultaneously televise the MBONE broadcast on channel 21.

The MBONE Internet simulcast is a collaborative effort involving the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, Hill House Association, PCTV (Pittsburgh's local cable access station), the City of Pittsburgh, and Common Knowledge: Pittsburgh (CK:P), a federally-funded program aimed at bringing computer networking into Pittsburgh public school classrooms and the city itself. CK:P is a joint project among the University of Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, and the Pittsburgh Public Schools.

"This broadcast illustrates the importance of high-speed networking in providing valuable cultural and educational resources regardless of geographic boundaries," said Peter Berger, coordinator of CK:P at Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center. Moreover, says Berger, it demonstrates the potential of HHCAN, an electronic network linked to the Internet and run from the Hill House computer center. The network also is linked with six local public schools in the Hill District.

"This network offers an alternative means of reaching out to the community," said Carl Redwood, Jr., assistant director of Hill House Association. "We're doing everything we can to ensure that Internet resources are available to all of our community members." In addition to free Internet access for Hill District residents, the Hill House computer center provides a host of free instructional seminars and classes for children and adults interested in familiarizing themselves with network technology and resources. Hill House also is in the process of broadening its local reach, so that libraries, cultural and community centers, shelters and kitchens, and other integral neighborhood organizations, can enjoy access to the Information Highway.

A distinguishing feature of Jazz at Hill House is the voluntary participation of all the artists, including internationally recognized jazz musicians. In years past, jazz legends such as Johnny Lyttle, Stanley Turrentine, and George Benson have made surprise appearances. Among the local artists slated to appear this year are: Bunker Jones (piano), Scipio Spencer (piano), Marcus Kelly (upright bass), Roger Barber (trumpet, flugelhorn), Dalim Jahmar (trumpet, flugelhorn), Roland Draft (trumpet), Ezzy Lowe (drums), Renard Ford (alto sax), Josh Kruger (alto sax), Ali Parham (flute), Ervin Reed (drums), Judge Warren Watson (sax), Mary Turner (drums), and Horace Turner (everything).

The jazz event is free and open to the public and will be held in the Hill House auditorium, located at 1835 Centre Avenue, in the Hill District. The music program, organized by Pittsburgh jazz greats Horace and Mary Turner, Marcus Kelly, and Roger Barbour, runs from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday. The MBONE simulcast will broadcast Sunday's performance from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Event parking is available along Centre Avenue. Food and refreshments will be available on site. For more information, call Josephine Roberts at 392-4406. The Hill House main number is 392-4400. For information on the Internet broadcast, contact the Jazz at Hill House Web page at: http://hillhouse.ckp.edu/~hhjazz.

Hill House networking activities are supported by a project called "Bridging the Urban Landscape", which is funded by the Telecommunications and Information Infrastructure Assistance Program of the U.S. Department of Commerce. This project is a collaboration involving Hill House, the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and Common Knowledge: Pittsburgh, and has received additional funding from TCI of Pennsylvania and Digital Equipment Corporation

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