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Steve Tritch’s Remarks

On behalf of the whole company, I welcome you to the Energy Center, corporate worldwide headquarters for Westinghouse Electric Company and now home to Big Ben - the next stage in the evolution of massive parallel-processing and one of the most advanced computing systems in the world.

I am proud today to be part of this ceremony kicking off the next phase of the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center. Like Westinghouse, the Supercomputing Center is a sterling example of technological leadership, establishing many firsts and a pioneer within the computer industry.

From its beginning, almost 20 years ago, the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center has helped many in the fields of science and engineering reach their goals and conclusions through fashioned hypothesis. Now, with even more processing power, Big Ben can help achieve even more: quite possibly, the impossible.

The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center should be proud of its continued leadership in providing high-performance computational resources. We in Westinghouse are proud of our long-term relationship with the PSC and the collaborative effort in providing innovative solutions to matters in science and engineering.

Westinghouse is pleased to partner with the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University and others in the continued quest to exploit high performance computing.

Again, welcome and thank you for joining us to usher in a new development stage for the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center.


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