Beverly Clayton

Executive Director, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
[remarks by Kathie Olsen]

We are celebrating today, not only having been around for 20 years, but the significant success of the Center. So, how is this measured? As I was told by Mike and Ralph as we were interviewing each other 20 years ago, the success of the Center is measured by the SCIENCE that is DONE.

Over 20,000 individuals have used our facilities, from over 1,700 institutions. There were roughly 4,500 distinct PI’s on 7,500 Grants/projects.

We have prepared several demonstrations and visualization productions of important scientific achievements for you to view today in our new office space, 300 South Craig St.

The excellent support provided by PSC staff to the scientists who performed award winning research projects has been cited time and time again, in yearly user surveys and in annual reviews by our funding agencies. The ongoing goal of the PSC has been to bring together a powerful mixture of the best minds from academia and industry to foster scientific innovation and provide technological leadership.

The real “centerpiece” of PSC is not a Cray or other computer, network, software or documentation, …they are all essential, of course, but they are NOTHING without the people!

The staff of the PSC is the lifeblood of this national resource. Today as we embark on our 21st year of existence, the PSC is nationally recognized as an outstanding group of enthusiastic individuals, dedicated to the mission of providing the most advanced, state of the art computing and communications capability for scientific and engineering research, and I am honored to be associated with you. Would the PSC staff all please rise and be recognized.

Now it is time to thank all our speakers, Governor Rendell, Dr. Olsen, Dr. Candris, Chancellor Nordenberg, President Cohon, and the PSC staff who have helped plan and orchestrate the day. Please join me at 300 S. Craig Street to view some wonderful demonstrations and partake of some refreshments.