Beverly Clayton

Executive Director, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

Another key partner for the entire 20 years of our existence is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Since 1986, the state has provided $28.9 million which we used to leverage over $378 million in federal and industrial support. Not only are large and small Pennsylvania industries developing products and services using the PSC facility, college and university students have increased their knowledge and performed research, thereby increasing our citizens’ abilities to perform in high-technology jobs.

We are honored today to have Governor Edward Rendell with us. Prior to becoming our 45th Governor in 2003 he was District Attorney, then Mayor of Philadelphia. Governor Rendell, an Army veteran, is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania (B.A. 1965) and Villanova Law School (J.D. 1968). And he recently has been teaching government and politics courses at the University of Pennsylvania. And he is also the husband of a most interesting and delightful woman I had the pleasure of meeting recently, Judge Midge Rendell. My pleasure to introduce, Governor Edward Rendell.

[remarks by Edward Rendell]