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OpenFOAM is a open source finite volume CFD package, produced by OpenCFD Ltd., a commercial company. It is built on C++ modules which create solvers, pre- and post-processing utilities, and libraries.

It is parallelized using MPI. While mainly a CFD package, it can solve other partial differential equations of physics too, making it a versatile computational tool for multiphysics applications. The user can easily extend the code for special applications.

For more information, including online documentation and an extensive set of tutorials, see the OpenFOAM web site.

Installed on: blacklight.

Blacklight usage

  1. Prepare a batch job containing commands to
    1. Set up the module command.
    2. Load the OpenFOAM module
      module load openfoam/1.7.1
    3. Define some necessary variables using the OpenFOAM cshrc or bashrc file, depending on the shell used in the batch job:
      source ${FOAM_INST_DIR}/OpenFOAM-1.7.1/etc/cshrc
    4. Move to scratch space because the job may be too large to run from your home directory:
      cd $SCRATCH
    5. Run OpenFOAM
  2. Submit the batch job with the qsub command.