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LS-DYNA is a general purpose transient dynamic finite element program capable of simulating complex real world problems. LS-DYNA is provided by the Livermore Software Technology Corporation.






Choose which version of LS-DYNA you will use. Typing

module avail ls-dyna

lists the available versions.

Choose which executable you will use.

Each version has more than one executable available. Be sure to choose the right executable for your needs. To check which executables are available for a given version, first load the module for that version, then type

which executable
You will get a message displaying the path to the executable, if it exists. If it does not, you will get an error message starting with "no executable in" followed by a list of directories that were checked.

Executables are:

 Single precisionDouble precision
MPI mpp-dyna-s mpp-dyna-d
Hybrid hyb-dyna-s hyb-dyna-d


Include commands that load the version-appropriate module and run LS-DYNA in your job script.

To load the module, use a command like
module load ls-dyna/R7_1_2_95028

To run LS-DYNA, call the executable you have chosen with a command like