ANSYS is a general purpose finite element modeling package for solving a wide variety of mechanical problems.

Access to ANSYS is restricted. See how to get access.

ANSYS can solve problems including static/dynamic structural analysis (both linear and non-linear), heat transfer and fluid problems, as well as acoustic and electromagnetic problems.

ANSYS Multiphysics couples structural, thermal, CFD, acoustic and electromagnetic simulation capabilities.  ANSYS Multiphysics with Parallel Performance for ANSYS is installed on Greenfield.






  • Bridges

  • Greenfield


To see what versions of ANSYS are available type

module avail ansys

To see what other modules are needed, what commands are available and how to get additional help type

module help  ansys

To use ANSYS, include a command like this in your batch script to load the ANSYS module:

module load ansys

Be sure you also load any other modules needed, as listed by the module help ansys command.


Include these commands in your job script.

Load the ANSYS module:

module load ansys

Run the ANSYS executable:

ansys162 -b -m workspace-memory -db database-memory -mopt incore -np $PBS_NUM_PPN < input-data-file

This is a sample ANSYS command.  Your specific command will depend on your scientific problem.

For a serial ANSYS run your input file should include reference to a serial solver.  Omit the -np option on the ansys command line.