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ADINA (Automatic Dynamic Incremental Nonlinear Analysis) is a general linear and nonlinear finite element analysis system for solids and structures, heat transfer, CFD, field and fluid flow problems. It also offers a comprehensive array of multiphysics capabilities including fluid-structure interaction and thermo-mechanical coupling. Reliable and efficient finite element techniques are used with ample user conveniences for building models and evaluating results. ADINA has its own totally integrated Graphical User Interface.

Installed on blacklight.

Access to ADINA is restricted to those who have a local ADINA academic license through their university. Contact PSC User Services to be authorized to use ADINA at the PSC.


  1. Create a batch job which:
    1. Sets up the use of the module command in a batch job.
    2. Loads the adina module
      module load adina
    3. Runs the program with a command like:
      adina8.6 -t 8 input-file
  2. Submit the job with the qsub command.