PSC has been providing computing power and expertise to aid the national scientific and engineering community in their research for over twenty years. Represented below is just a fraction of the significant research that has been accomplished at PSC.

User Research

The PSC is proud to enable important research in fields spanning the gamut of scientfic endeavor. Just a few examples of the research facilitated by PSC's advanced computing resources and excellent technical support are found in Projects in Scientific Computing, an annual report highlighting the best research conducted at PSC over the last year.

Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing on Blacklight

Blacklight, PSC’s SGI Altix UV 1000, on which applications can access up to 16 TB of hardware-enabled coherent shared memory, is enabling groundbreaking research in machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), game-theoretic analysis, and related computer science disciplines. These projects are paving the way toward automated reasoning and unprecedented data analytics.

See more about machine learning and natural language research.

PSC Staff Research

Public Health Applications

The Public Health Applications group develops novel computational tools, models, platforms and infrastructures to empower public health decision making. Formed in 2012 and led by Dr. Shawn T. Brown, team members have a wide range of expertise and experience in public health and in software development, and work closely with decision-makers around the world.

To see the research that the Public Health Applications group in involved in, visit the Public Health Applications page.

Biomedical Applications Group

The Biomedical Applications Group at PSC pursues leading edge research in high performance computing and the life sciences and fosters exchange between PSC expertise in computational science and biomedical researchers nationwide.

High-Performance Computing Research

The Advanced Systems group conducts research on high-performance computing systems.

Networking Research

The Advanced Networking group at PSC conducts research on network performance and analysis in support of high-performance computing. They also develop software to support heterogeneous distributed supercomputing applications and to implement high speed interfaces to archival and mass storage systems.

To see the current projects that Advanced Networking is involved in, visit the Advanced Networking page.

The Advanced Networking group also authors numerous papers in networking research.

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