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The FACK algorithm makes it possible to treat congestion control during recovery in the same fashion as during other parts of the TCP state space. Our work on FACK includes a core FACK algorithm, along with several other ancillary algorithms, all designed to work together. Recent developments have replaced "Overdamping" and "Rampdown" (described in the SIGCOMM paper) by a combined "Rate-Halving" algorithm, which preserves the best properties of each. Rate-Halving attempts to find the correct window size following packet loss (even under adverse conditions), while at the same time maintaining TCP's Self-clock. We further strengthen Rate-Halving with "bounding parameters," in order to assure that Rate-Halving results in an acceptable window, even following many types of pathological network behavior. In addition, we strengthen the retransmission strategy by decoupling it completely from congestion control considerations during recovery. An algorithm we call "Thresholded Retransmission" moves the tcprexmtthresh logic to the SACK scoreboard and applies it to every hole (not just the first). We also added "Lost Retransmission Detection" to determine when retransmitted segments have been lost in the network.
Submitted On:
29 Aug 2012
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54.40 Kb
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M. Mathis
Submitted On:
29 Aug 2012
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