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An early version of the PSC kernel monitor was used to verify the operation of the TCP autotuning implementation [PSC98], and was used to produce many of the graphs for the Sigcomm98 "Automatic TCP Buffer Tuning" paper [SMM98].

The PSC kernel monitoring package allows the visualization of kernel networking variables, as illustrated in the example below.

The PSC kernel monitor was designed with the following goals in mind:

  • It should allow observation of TCP and socket variables, allowing a deeper understanding of TCP internals.
  • It should allow debugging of TCP modifications.
  • It should put as little load upon the system as possible.
  • It should be easily extensible to allow the monitoring of additional kernel variables.
  • Newer versions of the application tools should be able to read older data files.
  • A single version of an application tool should be able to run on any of the PSC research kernels, regardless of which features have been compiled into the kernel.
  • Though designed for NetBSD, the ideas should be generally applicable to other operating systems.

In order to achieve the goals of backwards-compatibility and the mixing and matching of kernels with a single application program, the kernel monitoring data sets are self-describing. This allows newer versions of the monitor graphing tools to read old data sets, as well as allowing users to exchange data sets that were collected in kernels with their own modifications.

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09 Aug 2011
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J. Semke
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08 Aug 2011
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