ADINA job for Blacklight

#PBS -l ncpus=16
#PBS -l walltime=2:59:00              
#PBS -o adina.out
#PBS -j oe

# set up module command
source /usr/share/modules/init/csh

set echo

# load adina module
module load adina

# make a directory in $SCRATCH to run in, as the .por may be too big from $HOME
mkdir $SCRATCH/adina-job

# move to scratch disk space
cd $SCRATCH/adina-job

# copy necessary files for the run to scratch space
cp $HOME/adina/input.dat .

# run executable from scratch space; all output files will be in $SCRATCH/MRCyl
adina8.6 -t 8 input.dat

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See the ADINA web site which includes online tutorials.

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