Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center celebrates 25 years

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center is proud to celebrate 25 years of inspiring scientific vision and enabling scientific discovery. Check the anniversary website to see how we have advanced the state-of-the-art in high performance computing over 25 years, and discover the events we have planned to mark this milestone.

Our Regions Business highlights PSC @ 25

Ralph Roskies (co-Scientific director) and Cheryl Begandy (Director of Outreach) appear on Pittsburgh's Our Regions Businessreflecting on PSC being on the forefront of computation for the past 25 years. The partnership of Carnegie Mellon, the University of Pittsburgh and Westinghouse brought to the region the most powerful computers outside a government lab -- and has helped to keep Pittsburgh on the cutting edge.

Through the Years - a Retrospective

Looking back on projects in scientific computing, even before the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center officially opened in mid-1986, Ted Russell and Greg McRae were using the new CRAY X-MP to model smog in Los Angeles. Out Goes the Bad Air (Greg McRae, Ted Russell et al., Carnegie Mellon - 1986-87, 199, 1994, 1996)

PSC Staff Contributes to a successful quarter century

PSC staff profile Nathan Stone

DemoAdvanced Systems Group, took some time out of his very busy schedule to talk to us about his time at PSC. Since 1998, this Long Island transplant continues to be PSC's "Mr. Versatility".More

PSC staff profile Greg Foss

DemoOur resident Scientific Visualization Artist, pushes pixels to create extreme visuals of scientific research here at PSC. We asked him to take a moment away from his moving pictures to reflect with us on PSC's 25 years.More

PSC staff profile Debra Nigra

DemoPSC's Deb Nigra, Senior Computational Science Consultant, reflects on her experience at PSC through 25 years and her personal discovery of how small a nanosecond is. More

PSC staff profile Joel Welling

DemoWe sat down with Joel Welling, Coordinator of Scientific Visualization, Strategic Applications, for his reflections on PSC through 25 years. Joel reminds us of PSC's beginnings and his arrival through the perfect synergy of luck and laziness.More about: Headline and associate teaser

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